If you’ve spent any time with a Rebel Wee-Crawfish or Teeny Wee-Crawfish tied to the end of your line, at some point you’ve most likely wished that the Wee-Crawfish was just a bit smaller or that the Teeny Wee-Crawfish was just a bit bigger.

If so, we have very good news. The Middle Wee-Crawfish falls right between these two classic craws at 1 3/4 inches in length and has the same profile and wobble. It comes in eight classic Rebel Crawfish colors and is equipped with No. 8 treble hooks.

The Middle Wee Crawfish was introduced earlier this year, originally in Stream Crawfish, Nest Robber, Fire Tiger and Ditch Brown. It grew popular in a hurry, and folks asked for more colors, so we’ve recently added Moss Crawfish, Texas Red, Chartreuse/Green Back and Cajun Crawfish.

Like any Rebel Crawfish, the Middle Wee-Crawfish floats when it lands and dives and wobbles when you pull it through the water. It is probably best known as a stream lure, but is extremely effective in still or moving water. You also can work it a bunch of different ways, but often the best approach is simply to cast it out and reel it back and allow its profile and built-in swimming action to do the work.