As cold-water species, trout bite well throughout the winter in many places, providing really good fishing opportunities at times when other kinds of fishing can turn tough. Trout do behave differently through late winter, when the water is extra cold, though, so it’s important to plan strategies accordingly.

For starters, trout spend most of their time close to the bottom this time of year simply because most of their forage is on the bottom or at least tight to it. They also do less chasing of meals because of reduced metabolism, so slow and subtle presentations work better than anything fast and erratic. They also tend to be a bit more reserved than at other times, so small, natural offerings often work best.

When you consider the characteristics of a Rebel Tracdown Micro Minnow, it’s easy to see that it’s a very good fit for winter trout fishing. Tracdown in the name means that this lure is a slow sinker, so after casting, you can let your lure sink to the bottom or near the bottom before beginning a retrieve, and because it has a single, barbless, upturned hook, this lure is actually pretty snagless when you work it along the bottom.

As the Micro part of the name suggests, this is a small lure at only 1 1/2-inches in length. It has a natural minnow appearance and when moved slowly, it has subtle, tight wiggling action.

A Tracdown Micro Minnow can be fished a variety of ways, but for extra cold water, it’s tough to beat casting it, letting it sink and then moving it along just fast enough to engage the action. Sometimes steady reeling works best. Other times, alternating gentle pulls and pauses will entice more strikes. In either case, slow is the way to go.

As a final bonus, the single barbless hook configuration makes these lures legal out of the package on many special regulations streams and makes trout much easier to unhook and release, which is nice when your hands are extra cold.