Editor’s note: Philip (Sandy) and Audrey Greene visit this acclaimed “fly fishing” destination every year, and prove each time that their prowess with a spinning rod and a Rebel lure surpasses that of the “Orvis crowd’s” fly gear.

Dear Rebel Lures,

It was another fantastic 10 days in Jackson Hole, Wyo. We fished for eight days, all on different sections of the Snake River with our good friend and guide Tom Toolson. Tom is unquestionably the hardest working and best guide in the area. In fact, Tom is the best guide that I have ever fished with! We’ve been fishing with him for 20 years and never had a bad day.

This year was a little different. Last winter’s snowfall was by far the biggest in many years, and as a result, the river was still running a little high, but at least it was clear. The fish seemed to turn on and off a couple times a day so I did a lot of lure switching to get the right color and fishing depth.

This year, the black striped Floating Ghost Minnow (which essentially suspends when cranked down and paused) worked very well, especially in the early morning. Then, as the sun got higher, the Trackdown Minnow in Cut Throat and Brown Trout worked well. I think the Trackdowns worked a little better because the water was deep and running fast and the holes were less defined.  We threw the lures on 4-pound test line. We also crimped all of the barbs down on the hooks and removed one hook from each treble. All fish were released in good shape.

I’ve enclosed some photos. All of the fish are cut throats and were caught on Rebels. The picture of Audrey is significant – it was her first fish of the year and truly signaled that she is back after battling a long illness.  We already have the trip booked again for next year!

Philip (Sandy) and Audrey Greene