Keep an eye open for sunny days if you are wanting to break the monotony of not fishing in the winter. Even when the weather is cold, bass will feed on just the slightest warming trend.

Small lakes and ponds are good choices for sunny days in the winter. Small bodies of water tend to warm up (and cool down) quicker than large reservoirs. This warm-up can cause bass to be a little more active and aggressive. Great places to target are water supply lakes, state park lakes and ponds or private lakes and ponds if you have access to them.

If you are bank fishing, focus on areas that have weed beds, drop-offs, chunk rocks, laydowns, docks or any other kind of structure that is near deeper water. Even a half-degree improvement in water temperature can get bass moving shallower and in the mood to eat.

Lure choices should be made with cold water in mind. Good picks include: Rebel Tracdown Ghost Minnows (TD47), Rebel Tracdown Minnows (TD10, TD50 and TD49) and Rebel Hellgrammites. These are all sinking lures that can be cranked and twitched slowly. Sinking lures can be fished at any depth and are great choices for fishing in cold-water situations. Other good choices are 1/16th ounce Lindy Watsit Jigs or 1/16th ounce Lindy Fuzz-E Grubs. All of these lures should be fished on light line such as 4- or 6-pound test.

Don’t be deterred if the water you are fishing is stained. This water will warm more quickly than clear water and could be holding bass. Fan cast starting with the deeper water in front of you and work your way toward the banks on either side of you. Work the lures up until you feel the bottom or structure. Then try to keep the lures just off the bottom to entice strikes. Small twitches or jerks sometimes work better than cranking.

Another tip for winter fishing is to go fishing in the hours before a cold front arrives. Sometimes this weather activity will cause bass to feed. Likewise, try to avoid fishing in the hours following a cold front. No. 1, it’s usually cold and windy. No. 2, bass usually do what we refer to as “shutting down” post cold front.