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The Rebel TD10 is the largest of the slow-sinking Tracdown Minnows at 3-1/2-inches in length, and means trouble to trophy trout, big bass and other gamefish. The Tracdown produces a tight wiggle when retrieved at a slow, steady pace and an erratic, side-to-side darting action when twitched.


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At 3-1/2-inches in length and weighing 3/8-ounce, the TD10 is a serious slow-sinking slender minnow that excels in moving water or any water in which you want to slowly work a specific depth. Available in flashy chrome as well as trout patterns, the TD10 is the preferred lure for anglers fishing streams and rivers for big rainbow and brown trout, walleyes and smallmouth bass, and for springtime largemouth bass fishermen on lakes and reservoirs across the country. Top-quality components compliment the detailed color patterns and big 3D eye. Swim it or twitch it for big fish.

Size Weight Depth Hook
3 1/2 in 3/8 oz 0 - 3 Feet #6


Tracdown Minnow TD10

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