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Great lure : Bill
I used this lure in Wisconsin. It was bass pattern and had the three treble hooks. The lure performed beautifully staying a foot under the water and acting like a wounded bait fish. I caught a 34 inch northern pike in about ten minutes with the lure. I would recommend the lure to anyone. Great price and value (Posted on 9/5/2016)
Awesome Lure : Blaze
First time ever using this lure caught around 10 bass. It was crazy. I had the bass color and they just couldnt resist. Every 5 casts i had a fish. It goes pretty shallow and dodge underwater obstacles like sticks or tires. Would recommend to anyone looking for a great shallow lure! (Posted on 4/18/2016)
Good lure : Jacob
I Used the Tracdown for trout fishing, had the rainbow, and brown, I used the 5/8 size. The bigger size it seemed the trout did not want to hit it. With the 5/8 size the smallest fish we had for the day was around 16 in, We had a few in the 21 range, and even had one over 21.

We used it somewhat fast moving water but it was pretty deep. we found out that if we was casting across the river current, that the lure was not giving the right action, So we would cast down river and bring it back to us, we had a fish on every few cast.

One thing we found with the smaller one that we did not like was the fishing line would get around the front hook on some of the cast and we would just have to bring it back in and pull the line off. Because the lure would just spin in a circle. Would like to find a way to fix this, But i will still be buying the lure. Also the smaller lure is kinda hard to cast because it does not have much weight to get it out far. But we dropped line size and went to a ultra light rod and real and it fixed that problem.

The two rivers we used this on was the White river in Arkansas and the roaring rivers in Missouri. Many people around us was asking what we was using because of the amount of fish that we was catching. We showed them, and told them were to buy them at.

all in all, This was a awesome lure for trout and i cant want to go out again and see what we can get. I would recommend this for everyone to buy and try. (Posted on 1/19/2015)
My new favourite lure : speters33w
I purchased one of these at a Gander Mountain on "clearance" to replace a Rapala I lost that I had good results with. Colours were "Slick Gold Minnow."

I caught a fish every 10 minutes. Pumpkinseed and Smallmouth.

Better results than I had with the Rapala.

Now... I am using a vintage Garcia Mitchell reel instead of the Pflueger Microspin I used to use, with different gear ratios, and I might have just hit a streak of good luck.. but it's hard to argue with good luck..

This thing will drop a few inches under the waterline and bobble around like a wounded baitfish. The place I was fishing is full of tires (lure killers) and this thing just skimmed over them, I watched it do this while wondering if I would have to wade out and remove the lure from the tires.

Cons - it's really hard to remove the hooks from the fish's mouth without damaging the fish's flesh, since most of what I caught I released. I may change the hooks to something less aggressive. (Posted on 6/10/2014)

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Rebel Minnow Value Series

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The Rebel Value Series Minnows are perfect for small waters, streams, ponds, and shallow water in general. The Rebel F20, F10, F49 and F50 catch fish of all kinds – from trout to bass. The smallest of the Minnows, the F49, measures less than 2 inches and dives to about 2 feet. The F50 is 2 1/2 inches and the F20 is the biggest Minnow at 4 1/2 inches.

Model Size (In)
Weight (oz)
Depth Hook
F49 1 5/8" 5/64 oz 0' - 2' #12
F50 2 1/2" 5/8 oz 0' - 2' #10
F10 3 1/2" 5/16 oz 0' - 3' #6


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