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Excellent Lure For Both Brown & Rainbow Trout : Rob
The 2 1/2 inch Rebel Jointed Minnow is above Excellent in the Southern Australian rivers, streams & lakes for both Brown Trout & Rainbows. It's swimming action is so much more than enticing, extremely life-like. Other styles and brands just can't capture the same seductive swimming action which the fish love. When the paint wore off I repainted the lures with a chartreuse back, dark green stripes & a lumo white underbelly which made it even more effective on cloudy overcast days. Great work Rebel. (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Everything hits : Nick
I randomly bought the blue/silver jointed minnow in Wawa Ontario on my way to fishing in Shoals Provincial Park. The Pike hit this lure hard in about 3 - 4 feet of water with some bull rush around. I caught 3 pike in about 25 minutes in and around this lagoon one morning. The sun shined right through the water and shimmered off the metallic sides. Then back home I have used it in the Scioto river and have had small mouth hit this lure, some not much bigger than it. My favorite color combo and my favorite lure. I used to use jigs almost exclusively but love using this lure for river and lake fishing. I still want to try it out on some large mouth bass ponds. (Posted on 7/26/2016)
This is an excellent lure for ponds and rivers. : Go To Top Water Ponds or Rivers
I suggest for Bass and crappie you use the smaller two sizes but if you're looking for bigger bass or striped bass then you should go ahead to the larger sizes. I think any fisherman would be wise to have at least one of each size in the black and the blue in their tackle box at all times. I only wish I could afford to buy more than I have and I would give them to kids to help them get started. To me this is the Best bang for your buck lure on the market. (Posted on 5/31/2016)
Awesome Lure : Wind
I have used this Lure for years. If i don't catch anything on this the Lure then the fish an't there! try some where else. I love this lure I have fished with it for years until the Paint falls off of it.. Can't get enough of the small lure 1 7/8 Silver and Black catch more fish than with any other HARD bait... (Posted on 3/15/2016)
best lure ever : jon
Best lure I have ever used! I had one for over 15 years and could not find them again until I found them online today! I have caught 100's of fish on that one lure alone (3.5 inch jointed minnow). It had chipped paint and scratches from so much use over the years but still performed flawlessly. I had lost it this past weekend on a monster bass and I was devastated. Now I am buying several of them in several different sizes. No need to bring a tackle box if u have this lure. Works great working the banks from a boat or from shore casting out. Can't say enough good stuff about this lure! Thanks for still offering it for purchase after so many years. (Posted on 6/5/2015)
Awesome : Rocky
Best Lure I've used in years (Posted on 9/1/2014)
Awesome trout bait in Manitoba's Parkland region : Cat Eye Outfitter
This bait has a tried & true history in Manitoba Parkland trout lakes. Long lined and taken down to between 5-8 feet we'll catch most species of trout that we fish for. The only wish I have for this awesome lure is that they'd bring back the "baby bass" pattern which in some of our lakes resembles the chubs our trout love to eat. Nonetheless, this is a great lure! My business' success is connected to this great bait. (Posted on 6/28/2014)

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Jointed Minnow

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The Rebel Jointed Minnow, commonly referred to as a “broke-back” minnow, produces more action than a solid body lure, which can be key to getting strikes from stubborn or educated bass, walleye and other gamefish. Designed to be fished three ways – slowly reeled on top, retrieved at a steady pace or twitched erratically under the water – the Rebel Jointed Minnow gives fish that extra “something” that produces strikes.

  • Modeled after the Original Rebel Minnow
  • Jointed action adds fluidity to swimming motion
 Length  Weight  Hooks  Cranking Depth
 1 7/8-in.  3/32-oz.  # 14  0 - 2 Feet
 2 1/2-in.  1/8-oz.  # 10  0 - 2 Feet
 3 1/2-in.  5/16-oz.  # 6  0 - 3 Feet
 4 1/2-in.  7/16-oz.  # 4  0 - 3 Feet


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